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PhD projects

2019-2022, Mickaël Lalande: Modelling climate trends and variability in the Himalaya to understand cryosphere changes

Post-doctoral fellows

2021, Julien Beaumet, High resolution simulation of the Alpine Climate for air quality and health questions, co-supervised with Hubert Gallée, PACC-MACS project

2019-2020, Julien Beaumet, High resolution simulation of the Alpine Climate between 1850 and 2050, TRAJECTORIES project.

2017-2018, Roberto Bilbao, Forecasting the climate response to volcanic eruptions: prediction skill related to stratospheric aerosol forcing, within the VOLCADEC Spanish project.

Master projects

2021, Léo Clauzel, How glaciers would look like today in a world without Us ?, co-supervised with Olivier Gagliardini.

2020, Amaury de Nacquard: Détection de possibles changements de vents dans les Alpes sur le XXe siècle : approche croisée entre observations et simulations, avec Isabelle Gouttevin (CEN) et Julien Beaumet (IGE).

2019, Eneko Martin, Impacto de los aerosoles de origen volcánico en el clima, with R. Bilbao and P. Ortega, BSC, Barcelona, Spain.

2019, Émilie Delaroche: Étude 1-D des processus d’ablation d’un glacier himalayen couvert de débris, glacier Changri Nup (Népal), with Patrick Wagnon and Hubert Gallée.

2018, Evgenia Valla: Modelling variability and changes of precipitation in the Alps over the XXth century. With Nicolas Jourdain.

2016, Santolaria Maria: On the observed connection between Arctic sea ice and Eurasian snow in relation to the winter North Atlantic Oscillation, with Javier Garcia-Serrano (BSC).